Scapino Rebrand

Scapino Rebrand


Create a new visual identity (rebrand) for Scapino which fully represents the changes they're making. Scapino wants to change their image, they're doing so by adjusting their target group to 'families with a high focus on children'. Finally Scapino wants to present itself as a creative, affordable but high-quality brand.



The brand identity overall needed to be 'clean' however, the logo needed to have something 'playful' in it to stand out. I've chosen to use a solid and thick sans serif font, the font has a modern feel to it, which should communicate 'reliability'.

The logo is the letter 'S' from Scapino, made in a curvy way which represents the shape of a shoelace. The logo is made out of organic shapes to emphasize creativity and to make sure children are easily attracted to the logo because these organic shapes suggest some sort of 'playfulness'. Besides, the curves in the logo set a pleasant contrast against the somewhat static font.

Furthermore, I've chosen to keep the logo quite simple and use the color scheme that was already used by Scapino. I've only used a darker tone of red and yellow, to get rid of the somewhat 'cheap' feel of the old identity. However, keeping the colors red and yellow makes sure that the brand Scapino is still easily recognizable.


The concept of the app is basically a shoe customizer-app, where children can ‘design’ their own shoes. Because the app is going to be used by young children the app needs to be super simple.

By using some simple slider menus, children can easily navigate and ‘explore’ their options. There are two slider menus; one where the users can choose their preferred color and one where they can choose what they’re changing.

Furthermore, I’ve used small illustrations to help visualize the different options just to make the app even more easy to use. Finally, there’s the big and interactive image of the shoe in the center of the app, users can easily see what changes they are making.


The shoebox is meant for the children whom have just customized their own shoes. The idea was to make ‘happy’ shoebox, which is personalized at the same time. That explains why the tag with a name is used, just so the children feel a little more special when getting their shoes.

The outside of the box is covered in ‘Scapino-colored’ paint splatters. The paint splatters needed to give the shoebox a fresh and happy look. The paint splatters also give a feeling of creativity, the kind of creativity which is used during the customization of your own shoes.